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Wholesale Exclusivity and Terms

For the past 15+ years, retailers have been the foundation of our business. We cherish their support and friendship and do our very best to support them in all they do.


Because we strive for uniqueness, we prefer to limit the stores we sell to within a zip code. Zip code exclusivity is given once a buyer has met and maintained a minimum of $5,000 in semi-annual sales within a six month period. In order to maintain exclusivity, $5,000 must be spent on Hazen wholesale merchandise every six months.  For new stores to qualify for zip code exclusivity, the opening order must be $2000 or more. If there are no existing accounts achieving zip code exclusivity in that zip code, we will tentatively place you as a zip code exclusive retailer, which will be confirmed upon your purchasing an additional $3000 in wholesale merchandise over the remaining 6 months. If you gain exclusivity of a zip code, you enter into that status with knowledge that there may be previous Hazen retailers also in that zip code. If $5,000 is not spent each six month window, a retailer will lose zip code exclusivity.


The wholesale opening minimum is $500, with no reorder minimums thereafter. Orders must be submitted with a valid credit card that we will securely keep on file. Payment may be processed within two weeks of shipment. If you prefer to pay by check we must receive payment in full prior to shipment of goods. No terms are offered.


We do everything we can to ensure the highest quality of the materials and craftsmanship of Hazen & Co. product. We will gladly complimentarily repair any product that breaks within a year of purchase from Hazen. After a year, there will be a $20 repair fee.

To maintain the quality of the materials composing Hazen pieces, please avoid contact with perfume, lotions and water. We will replace any items that discolor within a year of purchase. While we do not expect your pieces to experience discoloration after a year, we cannot accept returns after a year since purchase.