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Our Privacy Statement

We neither sell nor share your information with outside companies or third parties. When you purchase from our online store, we collect your name, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, e-mail address, and credit card information. You provide this information so we can process and ship your order. We respect your privacy by not selling or sharing this information. This site uses cookies, tracking pixels and related technologies to remember a minimal amount of anonymous information. In conjunction, this site utilizes Google Analytics Advertising features. Should you at any point want to opt out of said advertising features, please click the small blue icon that appears in the right corner of the advertisements (NOTE: this process will have to be repeated each time cookies are refreshed on one's computer). 

In the event of a giveaway hosted on our site, any information inputed has the potential to be shared with the other participating giveaway partners for marketing purposes. If you wish to not receive marketing materials, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe by way of the email and SMS correspondence you receive.

Online Security

Payment is securely processed by Shopify. Your credit card and personal information is never shared. Credit Card information is not completely seen or kept on file.


All images and designs on this website are the sole property of Hazen & Co., LLC. Any images may not be used without express written consent from Hazen & Co. Any duplication of images or jewelry designs may be subject to legal action.