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Farewell For Now

Dear Friends, 

Gratitude prevails as I write this note following the celebration of twenty-one successful years of Hazen & Co. Gratitude for the gift of a family who supported a nine-year-old’s ambition to design and sell jewelry, a community who embraced this little girl’s business dreams, a loyal team who dreamt and hustled to build Hazen & Co. into the thrivingbusiness that it is today, and now the blessing of a precious growing family to nurture, love and lead. As with all gifts, we seek to steward each season of life well and to give our very best in all we do and to all with whom we interact. 

With this new season, after much prayer, discussion, and reflection, I share that Hazen & Co. will be pausing its operations. My goal with Hazen has always been to create distinctive products for customers to love and enjoy by way of an encouraging and value-centered company. With your support, I believe we have been successful in that. 

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that there is a season for everything. Over the past months, it has become apparent that the very best of me is being called to my family – to love and steward the precious little lives Alex and I have been gifted. The privilege of this calling is not lost on me, but rather I find myself overwhelmed by the gravity of the responsibility with which I have been entrusted. It has become evident that to fulfill my role at home in the way in which I am led will not leave enough of me to provide my Hazen family with all they deserve. 

With that said, as we look to pause Hazen & Co.’s operations, starting today, we will be offering our entire inventory of treasures in an epic Warehouse Sale. I hope you will use this opportunity to add to your Hazen collection with pieces that are handmade by our talented Texas-based artisans. As always, many of our jewelry pieces are very limited in quantity, and once they are gone, they are gone for good! 

In conclusion, thank you – our customers, our friends, our partners, our retailers, and our employees – for your loyal support of the Hazen & Co. brand for over 20 years and for encouraging us to be the best we can be for you. You have impacted our lives in so many ways for the better, and we are forever grateful. We hope your Hazen & Co. pieces will always remind you to cultivate joyful, inspired living! 

Humbly and most gratefully, 

Taylor Turner

UPDATE: July 31, 2023


  • Larry Hall on

    Beautiful letter from a lover of God in Christ, beautiful lady entrepreneur, creative dreamer, bringing exquisite art into being for others to enjoy, preeminent manager of an organization for excellence, and now a devoted wife and mom to a beautiful family. Congratulations for all you have been, are, and will be for HIM….

  • Julie Wilcox on

    Taylor (and CO❤️),
    I have thought much and often about your sweet business and your amazing team. This is my 2nd time to reach out regarding your “pause.” The first was through Instagram, to which Taylor so graciously replied. Re-reading Taylor’s “Farewell,” I felt compelled to add that my pastor-husband’s favorite Bible verse is Ecclesiastes 3:11 “…God has made everything beautiful in its time.” He certainly did that with Hazen and CO, through your diligent and creative hands. God bless you all in this next season of life.
    With love,
    Julie Wilcox

  • Maura on

    God Bless You!!
    While creating a very special company enjoyed & loved by so many, it’s wonderful that you will now have the gift of time & grace to be even more present with your lovely family!

  • Susan on

    So sad you are closing for now but as a Mom I sure do understand your decision and wish you a lot of success. I discovered your bracelets in Fort Worth, TX while visiting my daughter at TCU 4 years ago. I now have several and are ordering some more and love them all. Good luck in your next chapter and hope to see you back in business one day soon.

  • Lynn Anderberg on

    Was impressed with you the first time I met you and your mom at Waiting On Martha in Atlanta several years ago. I’m even more impressed with you now that you are putting your family first. Best of luck in your next chapter! I’m sure it will be as great, if not better, than the last!

  • Linda Frederick on

    I got on to thank you for the repair of one of my bracelets and ask a question and saw this letter. Hazen & Co will be missed and I’m thankful to have so many pieces that I enjoy wearing daily. I wish you and your family all the best in your next season.
    Blessings, Linda Frederick

  • Wilma Dean-Prasad on

    Wishing you and your sweet family all the very best for the future.
    I will treasure the pieces from Hazen & Co and look forward to seeing your families progress on Instagram.
    Much love & Blessings to you Taylor x

  • Anne Mason on

    We will miss your beautiful jewelry at Foxglove

  • Colleen Luster on

    Congratulations! You’ve chosen to nurture & grow God’s greatest gifts. Our babies aren’t always going to be under our roofs, and today it’s more important than ever to be available for all the greatest movements in their lives & to help them grow as best you’re able. I’m excited for you.

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