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November 25th: Calligraphy Workshop

WHAT: Beginner Brush Calligraphy Workshop
WITH WHO: Jessica Peddicord of Simply Jessica Marie
WHEN: Tuesday, November 12th 6-8:30pm (Doors open at 6 & class starts at 6:30)
WHERE: Hazen Flagship | 3130 Harvard Ave. | Dallas, TX 75205
What you'll learn:
During our Beginner Brush Calligraphy Workshop, I will teach you about the tools of brush calligraphy, will show you how to create brushstrokes, and will teach you how to calligraph letters. We will then take the skills you've learned to combine letters into words and phrases, which you can use for art prints, envelope calligraphy, greeting cards, and more!
At the end of our practice, our class project will be calligraphing "deliver to:" on beautiful white euro flap envelopes so that you can address your holiday cards in style this season!

Who is the workshop for?
Our workshop is beginner level, and is great for creatives who are eager to learn a new artistic skill. My hope for this workshop is that you will learn a new creative skill, and you will be able to create beautiful art for your home and life! PS - you don't need to have naturally pretty handwriting to learn brush calligraphy, it is an art form that is entirely different than your everyday handwriting :)
What guests are provided/take home: Students will be provided with watercolor paper sheets, a paintbrush and palette to keep, paint to share, instructional calligraphy worksheets, an alphabet guide, and a set of 10 white envelopes we'll calligraph with "deliver to:" as practice for holiday card addressing!