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TX vs. OU Weekend


TX vs. OU Weekend

You may or may not be aware of the significance of the football game that is upon us next weekend, but let us do our best to fill you in. Every year, The University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma play what is known in the Red River Showdown here in Dallas. If your a Longhorn, you probably refer to it as TX vs. OU weekend, and if you're a Sooner, it's OU vs. TX weekend. Regardless of who you're cheering for come next Saturday, we've rounded up some jewelry and accessories for you! 

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Not to giveaway who Hazen & Co. is rooting for, Taylor may or may not have some strong ties to UT!


 White Baroque Bitsy Earrings 

Gold is the perfect substitution if burnt orange is just not your color. You'll be quick to fall in love with the Bisty earring, the perfect combination of simple and statement. 

Byron Bracelet- Yellow Agate                        Margot Bracelet- Rust Druzy

You can't go wrong with gold and white bracelets, but if you're looking to add a little pop of color these will do the trick! 



The Anne Lariat is an all-time fan favorite that is easy to dress up or keep casual! With 3+ ways to wear the Anne Lariat, it will suit any neckline and serve as multiple necklaces in one. 


And last but not least, our Earth Tone agate barrettes are the perfect flair for the hair! Luckily for Longhorn fans, the earth tone is the perfect neutral and burnt orange combination. 




White Pearl Felicia Earrings

With one of OU's colors being cream, this is the perfect excuse (as if you need one) to bust out your pearls! We love the statement the Felicia Earrings make! 


             Janey Bracelet                             Brooke Bracelet- Sponge Coral

Keeping the pearl trend going, the Janey bracelet is the perfect addition to your #ArmParty or to wear simply by itself. As for color, Sooners can totally get away with making the sponge coral Brooke bracelet a crimson substitute. 



Knotted Necklace
With 80" to work with, this necklace is so versatile for you wear it any way you can think of! 

Lucky Charms Silver Bow Barrette

For finishing touches, we're obsessed with our Bow Barrette! It's dainty but sure to make a statement! 


Thank you for stopping by, we're so happy to have you! Feel free to shop around and reach out to us if you need help finding game day items for your school, I'm positive we have something just for you! 



The Hazen Girls

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