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Between the Boxwood

The Hope Necklace


The Hope Necklace

Introducing The Hope Necklace to benefit The Salvation Army of North Texas, Houston and Austin.
The Salvation Army is near and dear to my heart. As a middle schooler in Houston, I served in their kitchen. As a young adult in Dallas, I have stood alongside the iconic red kettle while ringing the bell during the Christmas season. The more I learn about the organization, the more I admire it and long to see its mission of “doing the most good” be realized in our cities, which so desperately need the resources, encouragement and love The Salvation Army brings and shows to all.
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with The Salvation Army of Houston, North Texas and Austin to present The Hope Necklace benefiting The Salvation Army. 50% of every necklace sold goes directly to the respective Salvation Army division to support their COVID-19 relief efforts.
Now more than ever, the Salvation Army’s services are essential, and the ways in which the Salvation Army has adapted and accommodated the circumstances is so impressive. As stated on the North Texas division’s website, The Salvation Army is implementing the “additional structure and support” children and youth need to succeed—financially, academically and emotionally—with new educational programs, activities and resources for distance learning. With stay-at-home orders in place, the shelters have had more clients staying on-site for 24 hours a day, and The Army is allocating resources and personnel to serve those clients well. In addition, The Salvation Army is offering drive-through grocery services, for which service at some locations has increased by 400%. These are just a sprinkling of the enormous number and variety of services The Salvation Army is offering in addition to their usual impactful programs.
In all that they do, The Salvation Army, its leadership and all of its staff remains humble and grateful for the opportunity to love and serve others. I cannot think of a more wonderful organization to support with this project, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity.
The Hope Necklace on the information card
The Hope Necklace
The Hope Necklace features a freshwater pearl cross on a sterling silver or 14k gold-filled chain (selection available at checkout). Each necklace is finished with a piece of red coral, a reminder of the hope The Salvation Army brings to so many. The Hope Necklace is packaged on a info card and is mailed in a Hazen & Co. cloth pouch.

Hazen founder, Taylor Turner, Wearing the Hope Necklace

Founder of Hazen & Co, Taylor Turner, wearing The Hope Necklace. 

Taylor Miller Turner

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