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SweetE Gifts

We are so excited to offer SweetE Gifts to in-store shoppers during Partners Card while supplies last! You can learn more about SweetE here!

SweetE Gifts

What inspired the creation of SweetE Gifts?

I have always loved candy, a good theme and giving gifts.  Having a son in elementary school, I was constantly looking for unique gifts ideas between birthdays, holiday parties, teacher gifts, etc.  SweetE Gifts was born once I decided to turn this hobby into a business and it’s been a true joy of mine that I look forward to working on everyday.


Can you describe the philanthropy aspect of the business?

My son was born with a genetic syndrome, therefore we have been navigating the world of special needs for over nine years.  Through our journey, we have met and been involved with so many amazing groups, classes, and events catering to children with various disabilities.  These organizations are critical in teaching and exposing new and different things to kids who would otherwise not have the support needed to do so.  


SweetE Supports are boards, such as A Spectrum so Sweet, where a meaningful percentage of proceeds are donated back to local organizations dedicated to working with the special needs population.  


What do you enjoy most about SweetE Gifts? 

I love the fact I can combine creativity with a bit of my type-A personality, when creating each design.  Whether it be a seasonal board or custom themed party tray, I enjoy looking for inspiration through color combinations, holiday decor, etc. and then seeing the reaction of my customers.

Any business leaders and/or brands that inspire or influence you?

Having worked in the fashion industry for some of the top luxury brand leaders, a lot of my influence definitely comes from my experience with launching new products each season and creating unique customer experiences.  I would say Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren,  with her innovative brand and retail concept of Dylan’s Candy Bar introduced me to not only my favorite store on the UES of New York, but the idea that candy could stand on its own in retail and e-commerce.  


What can we look forward to seeing from your brand in the near future?  

I have some really fun seasonal designs for the upcoming holiday season, as well as a new party favor size.  We will also continue to grow and focus on SweetE Supports and am planning something special for next April, which is Autism Awareness month.

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