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Between the Boxwood




We are excited to partner with a few of our favorite influencers to give back in local communities. For the foreseeable future, we will be giving 25% of online sales using the below codes to the respective food banks. We feel called to support food banks as they work to feed children who rely on cafeteria meals for their main if not only source of food, yet are without those meals due to schools being dismissed. 

CODE: FEEDHTX -- Houston Food Bank

CODE: FEEDTX -- North Texas Food Bank

CODE: FEEDMACON -- Middle Georgia Community Food Bank

CODE: FEEDATL -- Atlanta Food Bank

Code: FEEDNY -- Food Bank for New York City

If there is an influencer in your community with whom you would like for us to partner, please send their information to or put us directly in touch with them. We're eager to help. 

Undoubtedly, we're #strongertogether. 

Taylor Miller Turner

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