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Small Business Spotlight with Corinne Bizzle

One of the greatest privileges of running a small business is the opportunity to support other small businesses. From the time I began Hazen at the age of 9, I have encountered many people who have supported me in my work and the pursuit of my aspirations for this business. Those are the individuals who have forever influenced and shaped my life by instilling in me the courage to pursue my dreams, and oftentimes, opening the doors through which I could best pursue those dreams. 

 My hope for our Small Business Spotlight series is to open doors for other small business owners who are hustling daily to grow their businesses. I am confident that they believe their products bring life, creativity and joy to both themselves and their customers, and I hope we not only encourage them through this series but also nurture their success using the tools and opportunities we have graciously been given.  

Taylor Turner

Corinne Bizzle is an abstract artist based in Dallas, TX. Her emphasis on mass and movement captures the rhythms of life and can now be enjoyed throughout the community as a powerful display of public art. Corinne's art continues to evolve and push boundaries with her bold choices of color, placement, and line.  Each piece involves a layering technique using mixed media to invoke curiosity for the viewer. The majority of Corinne's work is done on canvas or paper (big or small) and can be found in various stores in Dallas / Ft. Worth and online here.

We had the pleasure of getting to know Corinne a little better through a Q & A and hope you enjoy doing the same! 

Q: When did you develop a love for painting?

A: I come from a super creative family so drawing and painting has always been a part of my life. My grandmother (and my namesake) is also a painter so not only do we share the same name, but the love for art as well. 


 Q: What materials do you use in your work? Paints, canvas, paper, etc?

A: All of the above! I love playing around with mixed media when I’m working. You can find me using acrylic, pencil, pastels, charcoal, anything I can find in my studio.

 Q: From where do you draw your inspiration?

A: Painting for just the sake of doing something creative is very therapeutic for me. I enjoy not having a plan and just listening to music and having a moment to myself.  

 Q: Playing with colors and textures excites us when designing jewelry. What excites you when painting?

A: I really enjoy the journey of my paintings from start to finish because you never know how they are going to end up. Painting is an exciting process and can be tricky to know when to stop or when to keep working.


Q: Any business leaders or artists that inspire or influence you and your brand? 

A: Expressing yourself through something creative is super vulnerable, so I admire anyone who chooses to put themselves out there.  I’m constantly inspired by the local artists in this community. 


Q: What can we look forward to seeing from your brand in the near future?

A: I have been working on some much larger scaled paintings recently. It’s always nice to change it up and push yourself to see what you’re capable of. I’m excited to share some sneak peeks soon! 

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