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Small Business Spotlight: Jessa Adler

One of the greatest privileges of running a small business is the opportunity to support other small businesses. From the time I began Hazen at the age of 9, I have encountered many people who have supported me in my work and the pursuit of my aspirations for this business. Those are the individuals who have forever influenced and shaped my life by instilling in me the courage to pursue my dreams, and oftentimes, opening the doors through which I could best pursue those dreams. 

 My hope for our Small Business Spotlight series is to open doors for other small business owners who are hustling daily to grow their businesses. I am confident that they believe their products bring life, creativity and joy to both themselves and their customers, and I hope we not only encourage them through this series but also nurture their success using the tools and opportunities we have graciously been given.  

Taylor Turner
"Jessa Adler resides in the outskirts of Dallas in the town of Richardson, TX. She is an abstract painter that loves to create pieces using acrylic and oil paints. Most of her paintings feature soft pastel colors that invokes a sense of happiness. While she has no formal training, her innate artistic talent is what allows her to pursue her passion.
Jessa teaches First-Grade at St. John's Episcopal School and feels that when you work in an environment that fosters courage and creativity, you can’t help but adopt those characteristics. School + motherhood have become the driving force behind her work."

Starting Wednesday, May 26th, each online order placed on will receive a mini original art piece by Jessa Adler– while supplies last! In the meantime, get to know Jessa!

Q: When did you develop a love for painting?
My love for painting began as a child. I have always enjoyed creating. My passion for it began in 2018 when I started painting to express my feelings.
Q: What materials do you use in your work? Paints, canvas, paper, etc?
I love using acrylic paints because when you make a mistake, you can paint on top! I paint on canvases, boards, and paper. I like the versatility!

Q: From where do you draw your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from motherhood and teaching. Children are FREE and they express themselves with joy! I try to do the same. Be joyful! 
Q: Playing with colors and textures excites us when designing jewelry. What excites you when painting?
Creating  pieces of artwork that other people love! It's amazing knowing that a little bit of my heart is in so many homes. Also, commissions excite me because they are challenging, and new art materials excite me because there are so many possibilities.
Q: Any business leaders or artists that inspire or influence you and your brand?
Working with The Collective Dallas has given me confidence as an artist to be myself. They have been the best partners! Through them, I have made many great online relationships with other artists! All my artist peers inspire me to take chances and reach for my dreams. 
Q: What can we look forward to seeing from your brand in the near future?
I am moving to East Dallas this summer! I will have a studio and I can't wait to collaborate with children and adults on art for their homes. 

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