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Between the Boxwood

Small Business Spotlight: Erin Fuge


Small Business Spotlight: Erin Fuge

We are so excited for our next featured artist in our Small Business Spotlight series! Meet Erin Fuge– "a dallas-based abstract artist who works primarily in acrylic and oil pastel and draws inspiration from growing up in the south, her travels and the colors of nature. erin has new work available and is currently accepting commissions."

Starting Wednesday, November 16th, we are thrilled to offer prints of her original "Highlands" painting– complimentary with purchase on while supplies last! 

Erin's work is available on her website at Liza PruittThe Collective Dallas, and The Scouted Gallery

Q: When did you develop a love for painting?

EF: I grew up in a very creative home (my father is an architect and my mother was an interior designer and art teacher). I was exposed at an early age to art through museum visits and classes and that fostered a love of and appreciation for art and all things creative.

Q: What materials do you use in your work?

EF: Paints, canvas, paper, etc? I mostly create large abstract pieces on canvas with acrylic and oil pastel. I also create smaller pieces on paper.

Q: From where do you draw your inspiration?

EF: Nature and travel.

Q: Playing with colors and textures excites us when designing jewelry. What excites you when painting?

EF: I love the process - how a blank canvas can turn into something so unexpected.

Q: Any business leaders or artists that inspire or influence you and your brand? EF: Dallas has so many creative small business owners that inspire me - it’s hard to name just one. I love the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of this city!

Q: What can we look forward to seeing from your brand in the near future?

EF: I also design and sew clothing, so I am hoping to expand that in the future!

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