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Small Business Spotlight: Allison Ford

Meet our Small Business Spotlight, Allison Ford! Allison is a Southern abstract artist,  out of South Carolina with a love mixed media design and collage work. 

We are so exited to feature Allison and her beautiful art! Today (Oct. 17th) we will be placing a complimentary signed painting in each online order while supplies last!


Q: When did you develop a love for painting?

AF: I’ve always been a creative dabbler since childhood days but about 7 or so years ago I took some time off between jobs and started learning how to paint abstracts with a few experienced artists. The key for me was learning about color theory.  Once I figured out the building blocks I really developed a love for painting. I knew that if I kept at it, I’d continue to get better. 

Q: What materials do you use in your work? Paints, canvas, paper, etc?

AF: I mostly do acrylic on canvas and often paper as well. I also use a lot of scrap paper and other remnants of projects to do collage work. 

Q: From where do you draw your inspiration? 

AF: My children are a major source of inspiration. I love that children are always excited about creating and approach the craft without fear of criticism. My children help me believe in my own abilities. Additionally, nature, organic shapes, and bright colors offer inspiration! 

Q: Playing with colors and textures excites us when designing jewelry. What excites you when painting?

AF: I love the idea of starting from a place of emptiness and blank possibilities and creating something that comes 100% from my thoughts and feelings and color and composition. It’s really the potential that excites me. 

Q: Any business leaders or artists that inspire or influence you and your brand?

AF: I love seeing so many artists do cool things and be successful. But I try to keep myself as my primary inspiration, motivation, and influence. That helps me stay focused. 

Q: What can we look forward to seeing from your brand in the near future?

AF: More collaborations! More color! More art in different places! More powerful words of inspiration!

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