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Thursday Night: Setting the Stage

The wedding weekend began on Thursday evening under a clear Texas sky with a welcome party that called upon all the guests to wear their dancing boots. I (miraculously) managed to surprise Alex with a concert by his favorite country musical artist, Cory Morrow. Under strung lights and to the tune of Texas-country songs, the guests danced the night away. 
Taylor and Alex Turner 
This was the moment I revealed my big surprise and welcomed Cory Morrow to the stage! Outfit details further in post. 
{little detail} 
With the help of my mom, we made sure to keep the surprise from Alex by having two sets of cocktail napkins and cups for guests-- those featuring lyrics from Morrow’s songs wouldn’t be brought out until Morrow took to the stage!
Cups with Cory Morrow Lyrics
Emily McCarthy custom logo for Miller Turner Wedding Welcome Party
Emily McCarthy adapted the logo she made for our wedding to incorporate cowboy boots and hats for this party!
Cory Morrow at Chelsea Corner
Cory Morrow singing the perfect tunes for a little Texas two step! Our venue, Chelsea Corner, redid their entire patio for our event, and it was perfect. They put in turf and added string lights to the oak grove.
Taylor dancing the night away!
Dana Miller at Welcome Party
Everyone danced the night away-- including me! My navy cowboy boots were ideal to boot scoot and boogie. My mom, Dana, looked particularly adorable in her turquoise Aspen necklace! Now this is Texas Festive!
The Miller Family
My precious family kicking off a very special weekend!
Cory Morrow Concert Miller Turner Wedding Weekend Welcome Party
I absolutely loved my outfit for the night! My dress was by Viktor&Rolf from Warren Barron. I had an image of it saved on my phone for months, never exactly knowing for what I would wear it and if I would even have the chance. When this party was planned, I knew it was the perfect occasion to commit to this fun little number and add some Texas flair with navy cowboy boots. I paired the outfit with Hazen's Lily of the Valley statement earrings (appropriate since I would carry Lily of the Valley down the aisle) and a stack of Hazen gold bracelets mixed with antique gold bangles. Alex wore an Onward Reserve blazer with jeans and boots. 
{little detail}
When I designed the Lily of the Valley earring, I tried to reflect elements of the exquisite namesake flower. The cluster of stones, the small pearls paired with the larger oval pearls, and the waterfall effect were all intentional in alluding to the nature of the beautiful flower. 
 The Hazen Girls
This shot of the Hazen girls will be forever one of my favorites. We had the best night, and they were the most supportive team the entire weekend. We had spent the past two weeks moving into our new Flagship and actually did a soft opening this evening, right before this party. The venue is right across the street from The Flagship so all the guests strolled over from The Flagship when the clock struck seven. It was a true treat to see all of our guests outfitted in their Hazen jewels all weekend. All that to say, this team of ladies is the best!
Molly Hobby in Sara Earrings, Gold Large
Molly Hobby wearing the Sara Large Gold Earrings
Katie Frierson, Spencer Tomeny, Merrill Grace Hartline and Frances Phillips
Mi Golondrina was a fan favorite for the evening's attire. Frances paired hers perfectly with a Hazen bracelet stack!
Photography by Heacox Creative

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