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Between the Boxwood

Real Hazen Bride: Victoria Dunn


Real Hazen Bride: Victoria Dunn

Victoria Salton and Trevor Dunn wed on February 28, 2021 in Charleston, South Carolina. Their day was full of friends, family and lots of blue and white– one after our own heart! 

Margaret BraceletBetty Bracelet

In three words, describe your wedding style? 

Grandmillenial, Chinoiserie and Classical 

Molly Bracelet • Margaret BraceletBetty Bracelet

What provided the most inspiration for your wedding?

I recently moved from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Atlanta, Georgia. Moving 900 miles not only changes your perspective, but when you move to a new country it can change your taste in style. Moving to the south allowed me to unlock a beautiful part of my heart that I never knew existed. I discovered that I love ginger jars, chinoiserie, boxwood, lemon trees and anything blue and white. I discovered a piece of me that was always missing and have enjoyed every second of embracing and loving southern styles. 

I knew in my heart that when I discovered my love for ginger jar and chinoiserie, I had to make it my wedding theme. I wanted to walk down the aisle and be flooded with what makes me the happiest. I picked inspiration through so many things, photos of previous weddings, Pinterest, and my dreams. In addition to the ginger jars, I thought that it would be perfect to add in boxwood plants in ginger jar and white planters for a perfect theme. 

After spending months getting to know myself, I wanted my wedding to be a reflection of my new heart, and the grandmillenial culture and tradition I had just come to love. 

My husband and I did international long distance for a year, until I got a visa and moved to the USA. I wanted our wedding to be timeless and an event that would capture how simple, yet beautiful our love for each other is. 

What aspect of wedding planning was most exciting to you?

Being able to incorporate my heart into our dream day was indescribable.  I was able to create a vision, theme and design that I wanted to stick with and add every fine detail to make it all come together. My favorite part of the wedding was designing the florals. Our florist worked hard with me to achieve the perfect table scape and ceremony arrangements in all different sized ginger jars. When I saw it in person my breath was taken away by its pure beauty. 

I loved taking our theme and applying it into each design element. Our chinoiserie sleep shirts, personalized gift tags, down to our antique blue and white place settings was all so special and exciting to plan. I added so many personalized touches that made our wedding so unique. 

What made you decide on Hazen for your big day?

When I first started my Blog and Instagram Professional and Posh, I discovered how powerful the internet can be. I followed along side my favorite southern influencers and watched, analyzed and understood how they dressed and what they paired their outfits for. Changing my style from Toronto Chic to Southern Belle came with its challenges but it was a style that I was determined to achieve. When I came across Hazen, I was star struck with the beauty and simplicity that their pieces had. I loved that you could transform a simple look into something elegant just be adding jewelry to it. I knew that I wanted to do the Poppy Pearl Earrings for my bridal get ready because it would pair so nicely with my Chinoiserie nightshirts. I had searched so long for bridal jewelry, because I have always loved tradition and classics. I chose the Betty, Margaret and Molly bracelets to compliment my pearl earrings. They were the perfect fit, and I love that I can transition my wedding jewelry into every day looks.

Molly Bracelet • Margaret BraceletBetty Bracelet

Poppy Earring, Pearl
Venue: @pphgcharleston
Photographer: @alexthorntonphoto
Bride: @professionalandposh
Florals: @freshweddings_chs
Wedding Dress: @whitemagnoliabridal
Tux: @grangerowings
Groom’s Tie: @brackishbowties
Musician: @charlestonentertainment
Cake Designer: @jessicamadethis
Hair Stylist: @updosforidos
Jewelry Designer: @oscardelarenta (earrings in detail photos)
Ring Box: @the_mrs_box
Shoes: @louboutinworld
Bridal Jewelry: @hazenandco (earrings) and @adlergrierjewelry (necklace)
PJs: @jayes_studio
Invitations: @pacespapers
Misc. Wedding Stationery: @initial_creations
Monogrammed Dinner Napkins: @paddockthreads

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