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Between the Boxwood

Real Hazen Bride: Kara Obenchain


Real Hazen Bride: Kara Obenchain

Kara Davis and Drew Obenchain wed in Dallas, TX on January 25, 2020 at the Rustic Grace Estate. Kara and Drew's day was one centered on love and community. The bride wore the Paige Necklace, and worked with Hazen designer, Taylor, to create a custom coordinating necklace for each of her bridesmaids.

In three words, describe your wedding style?
Simple, ethereal, and joyful

What provided the most inspiration for your wedding?  

It may sound funny, but one of the biggest sources of inspiration actually came from thinking about what I didn’t want my wedding day to look like. We got married in January, and I feel like many of the winter weddings I had been to used deeper colors like emeralds and ruby with richer fabrics. Although those weddings were all absolutely stunning, the style felt a little “heavy” for me and for our venue.  This made me come up with a list of what I did want. I realized I loved the idea of a simple and light feel for our wedding, but I also wanted to take into account that it was definitely winter and draw inspiration from that. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest (…arguably too much) exploring different design elements like color and texture. I ended up looking at a lot of winter flowers. Figuring out what flowers I loved was key, and from that I created a color palate to work around and everything flowed from there!  

The bride wore the Paige Necklace from Hazen & Co.

What aspect of wedding planning was most exciting to you?  

Putting the whole vision together and then seeing it come to life! Especially all the details. I love anything and everything related to design, so I had too much fun playing around with different colors and textures and fonts. I could look at fabrics and lace and flowers all day long, so that made a lot of the steps in the wedding planning process really exciting. I loved the creative process of figuring out how to bring all these different elements from the invites and programs to the flowers and jewelry into one cohesive and beautiful event. I cherish looking back through our wedding photos and seeing how everything came together so perfectly.  

The mother of the bride wore the Astrid Earrings from Hazen & Co.

What made you decide on Hazen for your big day?

Throughout wedding planning, I had this idea in my head of what I was looking for in accessories, but I hadn’t found anything yet that I was in love with. I was going to just settle, but then a friend suggested I look at Hazen, so I went down to the Hazen store and Taylor showed me their bridal collection. As soon as I saw it, I was sold. I loved how the pieces in their bridal collection fused classic and traditional elements like pearls with a fun, modern twist. Pearls are my favorite. I also LOVEEDDDD the floral elements. It fit my style perfectly and matched exactly with my vision for the wedding. I also loved that my mom was able to find some Hazen jewelry for herself too. We had a really fun time picking things out together.  I even ended up using Hazen for all of my bridesmaids and gifted them each with a necklace and some hairpins they wore on the wedding day. Even the flower girl got a little bracelet! It was perfect. 

The bridesmaids each wore a custom Hazen necklace featuring one pearl drop to complement the bride's double pearl drop Paige Necklace.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I mentioned it before, but I loved being able to gift all of my bridesmaids with Hazen jewelry. I gave them their gifts at my bridal luncheon the day before the wedding, and it is one of my favorite memories. Being able to stop and give them a gift in the midst of all the busy-ness that is a wedding was a gift in of itself to me. I am so thankful for the time to reflect on how grateful I am for their love and support throughout my life and to tell them each how much they mean to me. Plus! Now they each have a couple fun new pieces of jewelry to keep as mementos of such a joyful celebration.


The bride also wore the Ellison Comb

Wedding Vendors:
Planner: Cassie McConkey
Wedding Dress Designer: The dress is designed by Wtoo. I found it at a boutique called Sunday’s Bridal and bought it off the rack. There were a few extra details I wanted to add to the dress, and the wonderful Margaret from Margaret’s Alterations executed my vision perfectly. My dress turned out truly unique and I couldn’t love it more. Bridesmaid Dress Designer: JJ’s House
Hair Stylist:  I actually ended up doing my hair myself! The night before I changed my mind and decided I wanted to wear it up as opposed to down. I just winged it the morning of and thankfully it turned out okay! 
Photographer: Abby Shadle Photography
Entertainment: Creative Touch DJs

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