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Real Hazen Bride: Ashley Gamble

Ashley Alm and Matthew Gamble wed on September 5, 2020 at the SMU Perkins Chapel in Dallas, TX. Their day was all things traditional, timeless, and elegant– just as described! 

Real Hazen Bride: Ashley Gamble
Eleanor Earring
In three words, describe your wedding style? 
Traditional, Timeless, Elegant.
What provided the most inspiration for your wedding?
Thinking back, I would say my initial inspiration for our wedding was the royal wedding of William & Kate. Not so much for the pomp and circumstance, but for what the wedding symbolized and the fact the entire country was on their toes with excitement. So, knowing that we would not be getting married at Westminster Abbey, we knew we wanted our wedding day to feel special and truly impactful; not only for us, but for our families and friends as well. We were on our toes with excitement, so we wanted everyone else to feel that way as well! This intention was heightened a few months into 2020 when we realized we would have to re-imagine our special day. From there on, I feel like there were so many little inspirations along the way! Matthew, myself, and our families find great appreciation in the little things in life, so we put forth great effort into making every moment and memento count by having specific meaning. From my bridal jacket, to Matthew’s cufflinks, the handkerchief from my Dad, to the Hazen & Co. pearl earrings picked out my Mother, everything we laid eyes on had a meaning or story. So, I guess you could say we took a simplistic, classic approach and sprinkled a bit of ‘royal wedding’ feel to it. 
Real Hazen Bride: Ashley Gamble
What aspect of wedding planning was most exciting to you?
Oh gosh, where do I begin? Giving credit where credit is due, planning has been exciting in every definition of the word thanks to my adoring and remarkable mom, Kelly. Through every thrilling, rousing, and exhilarating moment, she has been my rock through it all! I may be biased, but she also has the best and most sophisticated taste in decorating. With her at the helm, Matt and I knew everything would be perfect, down to the petal. 
When we first started wedding planning, dress shopping was in our top three to-do’s. Albeit may sound a bit typical, but finding my wedding dress was definitely my first favorite memory of our wedding planning checklist. My Mom and Brother accompanied me during the shopping trip and it was absolutely the most perfect day. I found “the dress” during my first appointment with Stardust, so it was an extra special day that not only helped kick-off the wedding planning process, but imprinted a cherished memory for which I am forever grateful. 


That being said – as of today, the planning is still ongoing!

In the midst of the blissful chaos of continuous preparation, wedding planning has truly emphasized my realization of how how happy and sincerely blessed I am. We originally planned to have our ceremony on September 5th at SMU Perkins Chapel (Matthew’s Alma mater) with a reception following at The Adolphus Hotel to celebrate with 160 of our closest friends and family In July 2020, we had to make the call if we were going through with our originally planned wedding day, which meant greatly adjusting our guest list to account for local and state regulations. Matthew and I are blessed with a large number of friends and incredible families, and we could not imagine having the reception without everyone in attendance.  We ultimately decided to postpone our reception. This allowed us to create our own happy medium: Having a small, intimate ceremony with just our immediate families and wedding party (about 30 total) on our original wedding day, and then hosting our reception at the Adolphus in May 2021. 

What made you decide on Hazen for your big day?

At first search, I was having a bit of difficulty deciding what I wanted my bridal earrings to look like. My personal style is very simple and minimalistic, so finding a pair of earrings that were romantic yet refined was a big task! After one of our floral meetings, my Mom handed me a box that said ‘Hazen & Co.’ on the front. I opened the box to find the most beautifully exquisite pearl drop earrings I have ever seen. They were perfect in every way – the natural mother of pearl embraced the beauty of minimalism while still making a dramatic impact paired against the sterling silver studded earring. As if I couldn’t have been any more impressed, my Mom mentioned the name of the earrings: Eleanor. My sweet grandmother’s name was Eleanor, and these earrings provided a perfect memento to honor her memory on our special day. My Mom also wore the Clara earrings, which seem to be the ‘sister’ earrings to Eleanor.

Wedding Vendors:

Ceremony Location: SMU Perkins Chapel (September 5, 2020)
Reception Location: The Adolphus (May 22, 2021)
Planner: Allday Events
Event Design: Branching Out/Lawsons
Floral Design: Branching Out
Wedding Dress Designer: Sassi Holford
Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Hayley Paige
Hair Stylist: Maitee Miles
Makeup Artist: Maitee Miles
Invitations: Paper Affair (Invitations) / Cleggraphy Designs (Addressing)
Cake: The Adolphus
Photographer: Perez Photography (Wedding Ceremony & Future Reception) / Wilderlove Co. (Bridals)
Entertainment: Manhattan Band


Anything else you'd like to add: 
Planning a wedding teaches you a lot about yourself – you learn your true decision making preferences realize and our outlook on quality versus quantity. You will also find and appreciate new companies! Before my wedding, I knew of Hazen & Co. and had admired them from afar, but I never purchased any items. Now, Hazen & Co. is a new staple in my (and my Mom’s!) wardrobe. The quality is unmatched, and the integrity and care of Taylor and the Hazen team shines through their products. Thank you to Hazen & Co. for creating and presenting such beautiful, classic, and timeless pieces.

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