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Between the Boxwood




I am excited to share news of an exciting partnership between Operation Shower and Hazen & Co.! To say this collaboration has been 10 years in the making isn't necessarily an exaggeration!

A bit about the origins of this collaboration. I first became familiar with Operation Shower in 2010 when my mom began working alongside a team of women to support the nonprofit's meaningful work of serving our military families. I vividly recall sitting at a restaurant when my mom received the email about potential involvement with Operation Shower. After my mom had explained to me the organization's mission, I thought to myself, "How could you not?!"

Operation Shower is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and honoring military families by providing joyful group baby showers for military moms-to-be to ease the stress of deployment. Since its inception in 2007, Operation Shower has showered more than 6,200 military moms from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard on military bases and at other locations. 

My mom and her go-getter friends (the self-declared First Mates) went to raising funds and collecting shower items for the moms of the USS George H.W. Bush Carrier. I know that at least for my mom, this has been one of the most shaping experiences of her life, and it has certainly left a resounding impact on our immediate family. 

 First Mates

My mom and a few of the First Mates at their shower!

Over the years, Hazen has been able to provide auction items, door prizes, and fundraising trunk shows to Operation Shower. Today, we are excited to continue our support of the impactful mission of Operation Shower through the creation of a limited edition bracelet featuring natural navy sodalite beads and three mother of pearl beads. Classic and versatile, this bracelet is beautiful worn alone or alongside other Hazen favorites. In designing this piece, I was drawn to navy for its patriotism. In addition, with my mom and the First Mates initially supporting the USS George H.W. Bush Carrier, I couldn't help but give a subtle nod to the late First Lady and her love of pearls.

 Operation Shower x Hazen Collaboration Bracelet

a sodalite and mother of pearl bracelet. 

Operation Shower x Hazen & Co. Bracelet Stack

The Operation Shower x Hazen & Co. Bracelet Stack featuring the original Operation Shower bracelet, a Minnie Bracelet and Margaret Small Bracelet (Retail Value of $165 temporarily priced at $150). 

We are excited to donate 50% of all sales from this collaboration bracelet and the coordinating bracelet stack to Operation Shower. These pieces are available until November 4th or until they sell out. I hope you will consider this special piece as the perfect gift or little happy for a friend as we approach the holiday season. We are grateful for each of you and your continued support of Hazen. 

We deeply value your support of Hazen and Operation Shower and hope you'll share in the joy of this collaboration intended to raise funds to serve our military community. 

With a grateful heart,

Taylor Turner


  • Judi Marchand on

    Oh my my! The Bush Carrier’s tag line is Freedom at Work”. This is Kindness at Work! Oh Taylor! What a once again BEAUTIFUL piece. You and your mom have been lovely supporters of Operation Shower and our military. Honored to know you and your kind, giving self!

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