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Between the Boxwood




The day was finally here, and I was over the moon! I enjoyed an unplanned Eatzi's breakfast with my dad in the suites where the bridesmaids and I would spend the morning getting ready! We had a fun, full day ahead, and my mom made sure all the elements were in place to make Saturday morning relaxing and joyful! From personalized "Cheers to Taylor and Alex" balloons to  black and white movies to past family wedding photographs decorating the tables, she thought of all the little details. I'm just so grateful Liz Banfield was present to capture it!
Bridal Party Suite Setup
My sweet mom even had custom cookies made from my favorite childhood bakery in Houston, Paulie's. 
Paulie's Houston Custom Cookies for Taylor Turner Wedding
Custom Cheers to Taylor and Alex Balloons
Lake Pajamas for the bridesmaids Taylor Turner Wedding
While getting ready, the bridesmaids wore Lake Pajama dresses accented with colorful wraps and monogrammed totes by Hempstead Thread.
Totes by Hempstead Threads for Taylor Turner Wedding
For the wedding, the bride gifted the bridesmaids with custom designed pieces that are now available in the recently launched Hazen & Co. Bridal Collection. Each bridesmaid wore a unique combination of necklace and earrings featuring freshwater pearls. Many bridesmaids also wore dainty mother of pearl flower pins in the hair-- another new addition to the bridal collection available at Hazen & Co.
Taylor Turner Wedding
Hazen bridal collection, Elizabeth Earring
Bridesmaids at The Mansion for Taylor Turner Wedding
The bridesmaids wore Champagne Silk Dupioni floor length gowns and held tight bouquets of soft ivory and blush garden roses. The evening was unusually chilly so I gifted them with white pashminas, and I simply LOVED the way they translated to the photos. 
Taylor Turner Bridesmaid White Pashmina with Silk Duponi Dress
Pre-ceremony with bridesmaids at the mansion on turtle creek 
White Mink for Bride Taylor Turner March Wedding
Our precious flower girl wore a handmade lace and ribbon dress that called upon days gone by. Her Caroline Necklace featuring a freshwater pearl cross was the perfect touch. 
Flower girl in lace dress with Caroline Necklace Taylor Turner Wedding
Flower Girl in Caroline Pearl Cross Necklace, Taylor Turner Wedding
More to come on my dress, but I can't conclude this post without acknowledging my incredible wedding planner Sara Fay Egan. 
Photography by Liz Banfield


  • Charla Veurink on

    Taylor, what fun it is for me to read about your wedding and see what has happened with your beautiful jewelry line! I have kept up with you through being friends with your mom on FB. I still have all the jewelry that you gave me when you were my student, as well as what I purchased through the years. Congrats on all of your success!

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