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Between the Boxwood

Mother Knows Best with Sue Sartor


Mother Knows Best with Sue Sartor

Q: What is something you learned from your mother that you hold close or try to emulate in motherhood? 

SS: Approach each topic or situation on a need to know age appropriate basis with love and no judgement. Be transparent and show your vulnerabilities as they age. We’re all human and life is hard. It’s ok.

Always say “I love you” before bed and when leaving the house regardless of the situation or tantrum.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about being a mom?

SS: Make your home welcoming and a safe haven for kids where they feel that they can be themselves and feel safe & loved.

Also, that family always comes first. As your children grow older they become your strength and shield. We’re like a team that gets strength from one another. It’s so reassuring for all of us.

Q: How has motherhood influenced your inspiration and work?

SS: Being a mom has given me the confidence to persevere and follow my dreams. The kids are watching and I’ve got to practice what I preach! It’s so cool to have them cheering me on.

Q: What is one of your proudest moments as a mom? 

SS: All 3 of mine are so different and are all following their dreams. The common thread is that they all enjoy unifying people, being compassionate and loving people for who they are. This makes me a super proud parent. 

Q: Any life hacks or advice you would pass on to other moms?

SS: Let the competitive parents and the better dealers do their thing and dive early on into what is meaningful and makes your child’s heart and mind soar… this will set them up for success and joy in life. Also, it’s ok to reach for your kids to garner strength. Just having your family unit can protect you when you need it most. Life can be messy and it’s ok to retreat to your family ~ It’s always there for you! Also…Laugh as much as possible and enjoy them while they’re home!

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