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Between the Boxwood

Mother Knows Best with Jillian Eversole


Mother Knows Best with Jillian Eversole

We are so excited to introduce a special series leading up to Mother's Day highlighting some of our favorite mothers– from new to seasoned! 

Meet Jillian Eversole of Rhyme & Reason– a Charleston based fashion, lifestyle and family tastemaker, and mom to two precious little boys, Rowan and Henry.

Jillian and sweet son, Rowan

Q: What is something you learned from your mother that you hold close or try to emulate in motherhood?

Lead with your heart and you’ll make the right decisions. My mom hasn’t said these exact words to me but these words are what she emulates as a mother and what has rubbed off on me from my wonderful mom. When I became a first-time mother, there was so much I didn’t know. My mom gave me the confidence to lead with my heart and just love my little boy to allow space for other things to fall into place. We have a tendency to research everything nowadays but, sometimes, taking a pause to just follow our primal, loving, mothering intuition is all we need to do. My mom makes her parenting decisions out of love for each one of us with no ulterior motivations. I try to emulate that in motherhood and try to stay steadfast in leading with my heart in our digital age.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about being a mom?

My favorite thing about being a mom is being my children’s mom. I firmly believe that they chose me to be their mother and I’m the single luckiest person on the planet to be theirs. If I live to be over 100-years-old, I still won’t have enough time with them. They are my most favorite people in the world so being a mom is my most favorite thing in the world.

Q: How has motherhood influenced your inspiration and work?

Motherhood has influenced my inspiration and work in so many ways. In some ways it has negatively inspired my work (ha!) because I would rather be with my children than be working. In other ways, motherhood has made me more inspired by work because I want my children to see me be curious, set goals, and achieve in areas outside of my role as a mom. I am currently tinkering with a new work-related idea that was directly inspired by having kids. I’m excited to see if it can become something!

Jillian and her newest little love, Henry

Q: What is one of your proudest moments as a mom?

The simple answer is building a family for my children to be proud of and to love being a part of. Parenting can put stress on marriage but I think it has made my marriage stronger in every single way possible. My husband and I have so much mutual respect, love, and empathy for each other now in ways we didn’t before becoming parents. I can see it reflected in our son, Rowan, because he is full of love for every living thing (familiar faces, new faces, and animals!) and has empathy for those around him as evidenced by his quick and unwavering nature to give hugs. Rowan observes the way our family supports each other and is proud of each other. I think he takes that in. He becomes very proud of himself for little accomplishments and for trying new things, which makes me absolutely light up as a mom.

Q: Any life hacks or advice you would pass on to other moms?

I recently had a very frightening eye-opening experience as a mother that I think forever changed my perspective on parenting. There is no doubt that there are highs and lows as a mom but one thing that has become crystal clear to me is that I would rather spend my time with my children on the worst of days than with anyone else on the best of days. In moments of exhaustion or struggle, I remind myself of this and I feel a sense of peace. Also, don’t worry about the dust bunnies. You can vacuum tomorrow!

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