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Between the Boxwood

Meet Izzy


Meet Izzy

Meet Izzy, an amazing, strong, talented, bright, sweet and sassy 10 year old girl who is mightily battling osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. 
Izzy and Taylor Turner for Salood Collaboration
Izzy Martin and Taylor Turner

Before I had the privilege of meeting Izzy, I got to know her from a list of her favorite things. Rather quickly, I realized we have a lot in common. Her favorite three things also happen to be at the tip top of my list: the beach, sunshine and flowers. She loves all shades of blue and uses the blue heart emoji the most (same sister!). Her favorite food is a gluten free burger with pickles (a girl after my own heart), and her parents are her heroes. When I was her age, I also had the same favorite TV show AND restaurant: Gilmore Girls and P.F. Chang's, respectively (got to love a lettuce wrap!). 

Meeting Izzy in person, I saw myself reflected in her reserved demeanor and sharp attentiveness. She's one of those people with whom you know you're going to have a thoughtful conversation. I find it really cool that Izzy is roughly the same age I was when I began Hazen & Co. in 2002. People will often ask how I had the idea and focus to start Hazen at such a young age. Being in the presence of Izzy, it all made sense. The sheer determination and thoughtfulness I see in Izzy, a fourth grader, is so powerful, and I have no doubt this amazing girl will go on to achieve impactful things. She is deeply aware of how the Lord is refining her story through this experience with Osteosarcoma, and I'm grateful to have the privilege of watching her grow and learn through it. I know I am certainly learning more about myself through knowing her, interacting with her, and watching her fight this battle.

Together, Izzy and I designed a piece of jewelry that channeled the things she noted as her preferences when it comes to jewelry, design, colors and style. We are excited to release this limited edition product to the public on June 20, 2020. 50% of every necklace sold will go to supporting the families of pediatric cancer patients who face many unforeseen expenses related to cancer. Salood, a Dallas non-profit, has masterfully orchestrated this collaboration. Join us in supporting Izzy and pediatric cancer patients and families far and wide. 

Taylor Turner

Izzy at the Salood Collaboration Photo Shoot
Izzy modeling for our collaboration photoshoot with photographer Kelly Christine


  • elle manion on

    hey Izzy! its Elle I used to go to school with you at cks I’m so inspired by your story say strong.

  • Alyah on

    L love the necklaces that you make

  • Eve on

    So beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Marin on

    What a strong girl! i am a bit older than she is but i can’t imagine what she must go through. Stay strong Izzy! Keep fighting the good fight!

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