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HAZEN HOW TO: Keep Your Flowers Fresh For Fall


HAZEN HOW TO: Keep Your Flowers Fresh For Fall

With fall in full bloom, we wanted to give a few pointers on how to get the most our of your flowers this season! 

Abide by these tips and tricks in the garden:

• Always cut your flowers in the morning, when they are most likely to be well hydrated. 

• Cut your stems at a 45º angle and use flower clippers over household scissors to ensure stem health and greatest water uptake.

• Remove all foliage from the bottom of the stem to create the cleanest vase environment to ensure flower longevity.

• Avoid placing your arrangements in direct sunlight, in way of heat or drafts and away from fruit!


Simple as that! We also encourage you to play with different colors and textures to give your arrangments a personality of their own. We love seeing what comes together when we let our imaginations have fun in the process!  


The Hazen Girls


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