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Between the Boxwood

Hazen Girl Top 10: 1st Edition


Hazen Girl Top 10: 1st Edition

Hello!! After much chatter in the Hazen HQ office, we've decided to dust off the keyboard and do a weekly round up of our Top Ten Favorite Things! Meet us here every Friday afternoon to read up on what we're loving! 

  1. Four Loves by C.S. Lewis for the plane ride to Atlanta
  2. A Sweet Caroline “Hustle” notepad to keep us on top of our to-do list heading into the new year 
  3. Just Jessie B’s Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken
  4. JD’s Chippery Snickerdoodle
  5. Kate Spade thermal mug bc this week has called for ALL OF THE COFFEE 
  6. Hannah Brencher’s weekly Monday Morning Email – would encourage everyone and their bestie to sign up!
  7. UGGS 
  8. Being back at Royal Blue because aesthetically pleasing 
  9. Nan Thai pineapple chicken in ATL 
  10. Being back together at Hazen HQ 

**Can you guess which color belongs to each Hazen Girl? Comment below with your guesses for Taylor, Frances, Amelia, and Addison!**


The Hazen Girls

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