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Hazen & Co. Handbags

Coral Handbag for Hazen and Co.
Why a curated collection of handbags, you ask?! Well, let me start with the surface level and then dive in. When I first caught a glimpse of this style handbag, I was caught-off-guard, intrigued, and so in love with it, all at the same time. Such a handbag is totally unique, beautifully-made, and chic. This was something I hadn’t seen before (and that so rarely happens in these days of social media and online shopping), and I knew it was special.
I like to think that the jewelry and hair accessories we design and produce for Hazen & Co. also qualify as unique and special. As you probably know by now, I individually design each piece of jewelry and assemble the prototype in my Dallas studio. I aim to create something that is unlike anything else I’ve seen while still being wearable—and not just wearable for this season, but for all the seasons to come.
Thus, when the craftsmanship and design of this type of handbag so seamlessly aligned with the foundation of Hazen & Co.’s existing product selection, I knew there was a new product being born for Hazen. As already established, from first glance, you can tell that these handbags are special. But sister, they are so much more special than you realize. Each is handmade in Ghana by men and women who craft these bags for a living; they are hand-beaded and stretched, taking approximately three days to create one complete bag. Making these incredible handbags provides good work for this amazing group of people. Now how cool is that.
So I hope that when exploring this new collection of curated handbags, you will be just as taken aback as I am by their beautiful craftsmanship, and they’re beautiful story. These patterns, styles and colors were selected and designed with the Hazen girl in mind, so enjoy, my friends!
Taylor Turner
Taylor Turner of Hazen & Co.

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