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Between the Boxwood

Hazen at Home with Taylor Turner


Hazen at Home with Taylor Turner

I am so excited to introduce you to our new series, Hazen at Home

Hazen at Home was dreamt up over lunch with Elizabeth Cook and Sarah Bray while in Nashville at Gen Sohr's Creative Camp in November 2019. The hope of this series is to merge Hazen's world of jewelry with the interior design realm we so dearly love. I have always felt as though jewelry design and interior design have a lot in common-- both play with color and utilize the impact of texture and proportions. Like all art forms, when done well, there are few things more balanced and beautiful than an exquisite piece of jewelry, a tasteful room OR exquisite jewelry at home in a tasteful room. 

Taylor Turner for Hazen at Home

Taylor Turner, founder of Hazen & Co.

Hazen at Home with Taylor Turner

Taylor Turner's bedside table, home to her Hazen & Co. Poppy Earrings

In this series, we'll peek inside the everyday lives of some of our favorite tastemakers to capture a glimpse of Hazen in their homes. From wearing the product as they go about their craft to capturing their Hazen jewelry as it finds itself in the natural habitat of their homes, we're excited to share these beautiful images with you. 

Hazen at Home with Taylor Turner

Taylor Turner's assortment of jewels at home in her dressing room. Chain necklace is the Jess Necklace, Bracelets are all Hazen.

We've also asked each tastemaker to answer a few fun questions with the hope that the answers will give a glance into their personalities. I've shared mine to get us started.

 Taylor Turner This or That

We hope you greatly enjoy this series! It's been a joy to see how these ladies whom we greatly admire have styled their Hazen in everyday life and at home. Little did we know when we came up with the idea that we would soon be spending more time at home than ever imagined. Hopefully this series will spark a little inspiration and incite a newfound joy in your surroundings. 


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