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Between the Boxwood

Hazen at Home with Kayce Hughes


Hazen at Home with Kayce Hughes

Hazen at Home was dreamt up over lunch with Elizabeth Cook and Sarah Bray while in Nashville at Gen Sohr's Creative Camp in November 2019. As introduce our Fall 2021 capsule of this series, the hope remains the same as when we kicked the series off in the Summer of 2020– to merge Hazen's world of jewelry with the interior design realm we so dearly love. I have always felt as though jewelry design and interior design have a lot in common– both play with color and utilize the impact of texture and proportions. Like all art forms, when done well, there are few things more balanced and beautiful than an exquisite piece of jewelry, a tasteful room OR exquisite jewelry at home in a tasteful room. 

-Taylor Turner

We are thrilled to introduce this week's Hazen Tastemaker, Kayce Hughes. Kayce is an artist based in Nashville, Tennessee who "has been dreaming up and creating colorful things as long as she can remember. As a studio art major in college she focused on drawing, painting, and photography."

We chatted with Kayce about all the things she's loving this season, what inspires her, and which Hazen pieces she has her eye on from the Fall Collection. Read on! 

Q: Who is inspiring you these days in interior design?

KH: I just returned home from the Southern Living Idea House that was designed by my very dear friend Sarah Bartholomew and it was beyond stunning and inspiring. 

Cecilia Necklace, White

Q: What decor elements get you most excited?

KH: I've always been obsessed with vintage pieces and my home is filled with them. Some I've inherited and some I find at vintage shops etc. I think they add a warmth and depth to a home that I love.

Q: What are you shopping (online or in person) this fall?

KH: I am just finishing up a garden room in my own home and I am having fun shopping for lots of wicker and rattan and baskets for plants to finish the room.

Claire Earring, Moss

Q: Which piece from the Hazen Fall Collection have you been eyeing? 

KH: Claire Earrings

Q: What has drawn you to this piece and how would you style it?

KH: I love color in my art and my wardrobe and therefore gravitate toward more neutral jewelry. I would style it with my ever expanding collection of wood bangles.

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