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Hazen at Home with Jenn Thatcher

"Hazen at Home was dreamt up over lunch with Elizabeth Cook and Sarah Bray while in Nashville at Gen Sohr's Creative Camp in November 2019. The hope of this series is to merge Hazen's world of jewelry with the interior design realm we so dearly love. We have always felt as though jewelry design and interior design have a lot in common– both play with color and utilize the impact of texture and proportions. Like all art forms, when done well, there are few things more balanced and beautiful than an exquisite piece of jewelry, a tasteful room OR exquisite jewelry at home in a tasteful room."

Meet this week's Hazen Tastemaker, Jenn Thatcher! "Jenn Thatcher is a self taught artist living in Dallas, Texas. Jenn believes that having never taken formal art classes and not knowing any “rules” has helped her to feel truly free in her paintings process. Inspired by her favorite colors and all things God created, Jenn loves that each painting is an opportunity to start new and create something that will make people feel something."

Beatrice Necklace

Who are you turning to recipes this spring?

For recipes, I really love @thedefinededish. Alex does no wrong in the kitchen! 

Where are you shopping (online or in person) this spring?
Right now ive been shopping online alot for home renovation items like hardware and tile. We has an unexpected leak like many others this winter and are having to remodel over half of our house, so I have loved being able to pick new finishes for 2 bathrooms...all while being inspired by some of the designers I love including @betseymosbeyinteriors, @gracedavisdesigns, @marieflanaganinteriors
For example...I loved this light fixture, but didn't want to spend quite this much on a secondary bath fixture. But then I found this one for so much less, and I think its so pretty.

Charlie Bow, BlueBeatrice Necklace
Who/What is your favorite or new go-to spring dress by and/or where is it from?
For dresses I have been wearing alot of dresses from my new line. I am testing them to make sure they are perfect before all of them launch. The shirt dress is one of my favorites and has a really loyal fan base for those who own it. It is the perfect fit, with a belt that can be worn or left off, fabric is susbtantial and the lines are beautiful. I tested hundreds of fabrics for my line and tried to solve common issues that annoyed me with clothes. For example, if you have shirt dress but you don't want to wear the belt, then what do you do about the loops that are sewn in for the belt? Or why doesnt this dress have pockets? Or this fabric is see through? I created this collection with so much attention to detail, not because I wanted to be a fashion designer at all, I just truly felt like I couldn't find the exact clothes with beautiful fits and amazing fabric that I was looking for. 
Who is inspiring you these days?
I'm always been inspired by @awelldressedhome


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