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Hazen at Home with Dana Gibson

Hazen at Home was dreamt up over lunch with Elizabeth Cook and Sarah Bray while in Nashville at Gen Sohr's Creative Camp in November 2019. As introduce our Fall 2021 capsule of this series, the hope remains the same as when we kicked the series off in the Summer of 2020– to merge Hazen's world of jewelry with the interior design realm we so dearly love. I have always felt as though jewelry design and interior design have a lot in common– both play with color and utilize the impact of texture and proportions. Like all art forms, when done well, there are few things more balanced and beautiful than an exquisite piece of jewelry, a tasteful room OR exquisite jewelry at home in a tasteful room. 

-Taylor Turner

Q: Who is inspiring you these days in interior design?
Sean Anthon Pritchard-beautiful florals and country cottage charm.
Ware M Porter-Bold design in a traditional context
Eerdmansnewyorkmixing contemporary art in luxury settings


Q: What decor elements get you most excited? 
Good art. The pic of Bunny Mellon’s Yellow Rothko in her Library is a stunner. I love when art is placed in a setting that is unexpected like a kitchen or bathroom. In this case a modern white library near astaircase! I also like rich patterns mixed artfully.

Q: What are you shopping (online or in person) this fall? 
Mark and Graham-Carry on Luggage-So “good looking and smart” 
A painting. I am looking for a happy painting to hang over the fireplace in my bedroom. It has to be happy and perfect as I'll face it first thing every morning. The hunt has just begun. 
Garnet Hill, A navy cashmere pullover because it’s a classic.

Q: Which Hazen fall collection piece have you been eyeing?
I have always loved the classic Margaret Bracelet– and now with Madison Bracelet in Tiger Eye. It's perfect for fall.

Q: What has drawn you to this piece and how would you style it?
I am a fan of rich browns popped with cutting garden colors. I'd style it while arranging a vase of Zinnias and delphinium. Or Stock flowers– a new favorite. All of these are hothouse flowers, available year round.

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