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Between the Boxwood

Easy On the Eyes


Easy On the Eyes

We recently got a new Britt Bass Painting for our showroom at Hazen HQ and we’re obsessed!! Taylor and Frances spotted the piece behind the counter at Waiting On Martha Home and knew immediately that the HQ showroom HAD to have it. Delivery day felt like Christmas morning. I wish you could have seen Taylor’s face while she opened the box, so giddy and genuine. We’ve gone through so many paintings struggling to find the perfect fit, but we’re confident that we’ve found our match. We did some total nesting and completed the space by placing some blue and white plates, that Taylor found in an antique shop in downtown Mckinney, TX, around the beautiful painting. It looks and feels oh so cozy, and our faces still light up every time we walk in.

Britt is such a talented artist and we’re thrilled to have a piece of her in our Hazen Home. If you haven't already, go check out her art! 
The Hazen Girls 

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