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Between the Boxwood

Cheers to 19 Years!


Cheers to 19 Years!



It’s hard to believe we’re 19 years into Hazen. While the business certainly looks different today than it did in 2002, this May marks the milestone of the Hazen business entity having existed for 19 years! That’s a long time. 

When I first began designing, making and selling pieces of jewelry, I had no idea what awaited me—in business and in life!! Nine years old at the time, jewelry-making was something I enjoyed and that made sense to my little brain. Over the years, Hazen has helped me make decisions as simple as what to do to occupy time on a Friday night to what to study in college. Hazen certainly shaped me and assisted in my growing and maturing into the person I am today (I still wonder if I’d know how to speak with adults if it wasn’t for many markets starting from a very young age). Hazen was the distraction I needed in difficult seasons, the creative outlet I always desired, and the challenge that continues to keep me entertained and mentally growing to this day!

 It goes without saying that Hazen would be absolutely nothing without the incredible, humble, hardworking people who are a part of our story. From my dear, precious parents and family, to store owners who invested in teaching me, to kind family and friends who supported us, to the women who make our product with the utmost attention to detail, to our phenomenal team of ladies in Dallas, to my amazing husband and so many others, this is NOT a one-man show. This is a many-man show, and I love that about this little biz. We are evolving and growing each and every day, and as we pray weekly in our Monday meetings, we strive to do all we do in a way that honors and glorifies the Lord all the while loving well all those with whom we interact. SO, cheers to 19 and here’s to all that lies ahead! Thank you for your continued support of not only this business but the people behind it. We are deeply grateful and humbled by the opportunity to do what we do.

Taylor Turner

We're continuing to cultivate joyful, inspired living as we celebrate 19 years of Hazen! Starting Wednesday, May 12th, every order placed on over $100 will receive a complimentary birthday bundle featuring a pink aventurine LOVE bracelet and two celebratory Haute Home linen coasters (over $80 in combined value) while supplies last! 


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