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Between the Boxwood

All Things Fall


All Things Fall

Anne Lariat- Moonstone with Gray Pearl, Anne Lariat- Labradorite with White Pearl


We can’t believe September has already come and (almost) gone- if that’s any indication of how fast this fall will go by…. Oh. My. Goodness. We’ve been showcasing a little bit of the new Fall 2017 collection, but we’d love to show and tell you more about it!


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Ava Bracelet- Black, Ava Bracelet- Brown, Margaret Bracelet, Draper Bracelet


Taylor introduced oxidized silver to the Fall 2017 Collection, a first for the Hazen line. The juxtaposition of oxidized silver with her fan-favorite brushed gold vermeil gives the collection a sharp and sophisticated edge to compliment your cozy fall knits and tweeds. From statement earrings to long, versatile necklaces, the collection is made up of necklaces, bracelets and earrings intended to layer with other pieces in the collection along with your favorite pieces from your personal collection.


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Brooke Bracelet- Sponge Coral, Margaret Bracelet, Lyon Bracelet



We're also excited to share that 5% of our online sales through the end of 2017 will be going to the Houston Salvation Army to help with Harvey Relief efforts. Though Hazen & Co. is Dallas based, we are Houston bred, and our hearts are heavy for our hometown that is now in the rebuilding stage. Along with the 5% of online sales, we are selling a Houston Trio Bracelet set with a $140 value for $100 + $10 shipping. $20 of each Houston Trio Bracelet will also be donated to Harvey Relief. We take great pride on giving back to our community and are confident that Houston will come out of this stronger than before! If you are interested in a Trio Bracelet set, you can contact us HERE


 Thank you so much for stopping by, we're so happy to have you! Feel free to shop around and we'll see you next time!
The Hazen Girls


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