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A Note from Taylor

“The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow.
Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.”
- Eminem -
While I am certain Eminem is not on brand for Hazen, he certainly hit the mark in these lyrics. What a rollercoaster of a week it’s been! This week, Hazen & Co.’s office conversations transitioned from projecting far off ideas to executing unexpected realities. In the midst of this unprecedented time, we are rooting ourselves even more deeply in the how and why of what we do. Hazen’s mission and vision are stated clearly on our website and below, and at the heart of both is the truth that we exist to add something inspiring and of value for you.
SO, using the highest level of hygiene available and adhering to the guidance of public officials and health experts, we continue doing the daily work necessary to fulfill our mission and vision. Our small team of five is ready and eager to serve you, be that in person, over the phone or via Facetime. Also, we are excited to temporarily offer free shipping to alleviate any hesitations with ordering online.
If you think of anything we can do to support and serve you, please let us know. We’re eager to define this season as one that allowed us the privilege of knowing and working with our customers—our friends— that much more deeply and personally.
We are grateful for the rest and peace that come from leaning into the Lord’s sovereignty and the fact that nothing surprises Him.
Thank you for your support of our dream. 
Taylor & The Hazen Team
To create and sell distinctive, quality products that both showcase the inherent beauty of the materials used and embody the creative spirit of the customers who enjoy them.
To be a lifestyle brand cultivating inspired, joyful living.

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