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A few of Taylor’s Highlights from 2017


A few of Taylor’s Highlights from 2017

Atlanta Market is always a great start to the year! People frequently ask if it is such a relief to be through the busy holiday season, and our response around Hazen HQ is that getting through the holiday season is just about like getting to mile 13 of a marathon. We’ve done the training and run half of the race, but we still have 13 miles left to go. Atlanta market in January is always a whirlwind but full of so much creativity, fun people and hope for the year ahead. 2017 January Atlanta market was no different, and we are excited to take on the 2018 show this week!


The invitation to appear on Good Morning Texas was such a treat and the morning of proved to be nothing short of an adventure. With Frances on the road, Alex joined Taylor at sunrise in downtown Dallas for the live segment. What the viewer didn’t know is that there had been a miscommunication regarding what product to bring and Alex saved the day with a last minute run to Hazen HQ! His return to the studio with 5 minutes to spare before going live allowed us a colorful set up to share with all of North Texas. No shortage of hustle and bustle in the Hazen family!


The 2017 Southern Coterie Summit in Sea Island, Georgia provided for a week of memories that will be looked back upon fondly for years to come. Not simply because of the awesome people and content that were enjoyed that week but also because of the idyllic setting. The Cloister at Sea Island is as close as I have found to paradise, and I’m convinced it needs to be on any  traveler’s bucket list!

Hazen had the unique chance to shoot our Fall campaign at a picture perfect ranch and the finished product was nothing short of amazing. There is a pinch-me moment that comes when you see weeks and months of work come together at the hands of a team of creatives all working together to make a beautiful campaign for your product. Amazing. If you didn’t catch the shoot, take a look at our fall blog post here.

The acquisition of our hair accessories line was a huge step for Hazen & Co. and we could not be more overjoyed by y’all’s positive response and feedback. It is such a privilege to grow Hazen and watch as we extend the Hazen lifestyle beyond jewelry. We’re excited to see what 2018 has in store for this arm of Hazen.


Family vacay’s always breathe life into circumstances, especially when they’re at the beach. A week with this crew did just the trick to conclude a full summer for Taylor! She’s convinced there’s nothing more magical than walking the beaches of 30A at golden hour.

Vamos a La Habana! Oh what an adventure and inspiration the country of Cuba was! A combination of very distinct cultural differences and old world charm make this famous country one of a kind. A week exploring its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings has us dreaming all sorts of bright ideas for 2018.

The launch of the Hazen & Co. website in September was a labor of LOVE, but we could not be more pleased! If any of you have overseen a website before, you will know all too well that there is ALWAYS something to do when it comes to improving your site. I’m convinced that will never change. But that said, we are so pleased with how our site turned out. We hope you love it just as much! And a big shout out to Amelia and Frances and our interns Leslie and Carson along with the whole Old State team for bringing this beauty to life! Enjoy, enjoy!

Our Fiesta for 15 campaign gave us the opportunity to celebrate the gift that Hazen has been for fifteen years! We admit to not stepping back frequently enough to look at all the Lord is doing and accomplishing through Hazen, but taking a week to celebrate helped us not take that for granted! We are so grateful for y’all’s outpouring of birthday wishes for Hazen.

Our press trip to New  York this fall was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! From walking the halls of Conde Nast to Time to Hearst, Taylor had the privilege of meeting with editors and sharing the Hazen story. Plus, New York City around the holidays provides endless inspiration for the designer. Stay tuned to see what’s to come as a result of the trip.

We could go on and on about all that 2017 brought! It was a beautiful year full of growth, creativity, really hard work, laughs, tears, triumphs, new directions, new hires, new products and so much more! We simply can’t wait to watch 2018 unfold. Let the fun begin!


The Hazen Girls

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