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Between the Boxwood

15 years of Hazen


15 years of Hazen

The Hazen Story began when Taylor was 9 years old. After restringing her great grandmothers pearls into a new creation on my bedroom floor, she took an after school jewelry class and invested $100 of Christmas money into semi-precious stones.

Taylor then began to sell her one-of-a-kind, handmade, creations in a shoebox at her brother’s little league baseball games. That led to her first trunk show at the age of 10 and then she received an invitation to sell her line at Atlanta Market at the age of 12. This was the beginning of her beginning to understand the impact of her hand-made jewelry creations on those purchasing the pieces.

Over the past 15 years of designing and making jewelry and building Hazen into what it is today, Taylor has come to value the different lessons that come with owning a creatively driven company at different seasons in life. The process of picking out and piecing together unique colors and textures is one of her absolute favorite things about what she does, and has been since the very beginning. Even more so, creating one beautiful thing out of lots of little pieces is such a rewarding experience.

15 years later, Hazen has grown from simply jewelry, to other women’s accessories including our hair accessories line. This is all in an effort to cultivate joyful, inspired living through the products we create, how those products influence our customers day to day lives and how we engage with our customers on a day to day basis, be that in person, through a store or on our website.

We can't wait to see what the next 15 years old for Hazen, and we hope you'll join us on what we promise to be a very fun and exciting journey!! 

The Hazen Girls


  • Jeff Ragsdale on

    It does my soul no end of good to see this, Taylor. When I subbed-taught at Presbyterian School in Houston years ago, I had you in my class. The teacher in question was excellent, but it was a challenge to wrap my head around her free-form lesson plan.

    You took it upon yourself to help me out with the ‘Friday folders’ and pretty much be my ‘secretary’ for the two days I was with you all, without which I would have been completely lost. It is little wonder you were one of my most memorable students (in a happy way!). Your mom was one of my ‘buddies’ there – lol.

    You are a light to all who know you – God bless…

    Jeff Ragsdale

  • Mary S Williams on


    Congratulations on this wonderful milestone!
    See you soon! Much love, Berry

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