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Repairs and Customizations


We take pride in delivering quality craftsmanship while using fine materials. In the case that your jewelry needs repair due to flaws in workmanship, we will gladly repair your piece or replace it based on the circumstance. In the case that jewelry has been damaged, it can be repaired for a fee that will be determined by repair needed. There is a repair fee of $20.00 (not including any new stones) on merchandise one year or older. 

We ask that you please fill out the Contact Us form and select "Other" prior to shipping your item. We will respond with a USPS return label and a Repair Form for you to print and fill out and include with your item(s). We do not accept any repairs without the proper steps being followed. Any and all packages received without the proper notification will be returned to sender.


We want your Hazen piece to fit just perfectly! To request a customization, please fill out the "Contact Us" form and select "Other" and include which product(s) you're interested in. In order to accommodate custom orders, please find our customization policy below. 

Per customization project: 

First customized piece - $20 charge*

Any subsequent pieces customized at the same time - $10 charge* per piece

*Should beads need to be added to the piece, there may be addition costs to cover the cost of materials. 

Please allow no less than 3 weeks for the customization process. After the customized items have been mailed back to the customer, the next customization project will restart at a $20 fee with a $10 charge for additional pieces customized at the same time.